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Choosing a Builder

Selecting a builder for your dream home is an important decision. Contractors are known for being difficult to work with and hard to trust which makes the decision even that much more important. Building a custom home should be easier, it should be fun.

Your Builder Should Stay on Budget Finish on Time be a Trusted Partner

Uncompromising Standards

We’re uncompromising in our standards – so we don’t expect our clients to compromise either. We’re home building experts who understand that collaboration and communication are the keys to a successful project.

Work with Copper Builders for a design/build process that makes building your custom home fun.

What & Where we Build

  • Where? The greater Charlotte, NC area and surrounding counties
  • What plans? Most clients built one of our house plans modified to meet their personal needs.  We also custom design & build other plans.
  • How much? The homes we build typically fall between $500,000 and $2 Million and include custom finishes.

At Copper Builders, we care about

Prompt Communication

Not having a phone call returned can quickly spoil the excitement of building your dream home. With our proactive approach, through our app CoConstruct, clients get responses quickly, and most importantly, no communication slips through the cracks.

Transparent Pricing

Most custom builders use a “cost-plus” pricing system where for every invoice they tack on a builder fee. With cost-plus, the builder makes more profit if your home goes over budget. That feels wrong. We believe in “fixed pricing”, where we agree to the exact cost of your home before we build it, because it holds us accountable and is the fair way to do business.

Quality Materials

Your dream home is only as good as the products and craftsmanship that go into it. Over the years, we have carefully selected the best products and tradesmen to ensure your home will stand the test of time.

How long does it take to build a custom home?

We’ve streamlined the custom home construction process, designing and building homes in a matter of months, not years. Most clients spend about 2 months designing their home with us.  After the design is complete, most projects take 1 month for permitting and preparation, and 6 months for construction. An overall total of 9 months is common. However, adding more custom features and making specialty selections will make the process a little longer.

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Your Dream Home in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Visit Let’s Get To Know Each Other
Step 2: Homesite Your Home’s Location
Step 3: House Plan Architecture and Floor Plan
Step 4: Design Detail Design Choices
Step 5: Build The Construction Phase
Step 6: Enjoy Making memories in your new home

We’re passionate about Building Homes

Copper Builders is known for helping clients build their perfect dream home. After all, our team is made up of some of the most respected and well-known experts in the industry. At Copper, you can’t join our team unless you are unquestionably passionate about home building. Our folks would never consider doing anything else with our lives.

I love building homes, I think I was just born for this

David Webb, VP Copper Builders - Custom
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How to Pick a Builder

Free Builder Comparison Checklist

If we were evaluating builders for our new home, this is the checklist we’d use to compare them.  You’ll want to make sure and ask the right questions and carefully organize your thoughts.  Then, when you choose, you’ll know you’ve made an informed decision. 

Take the First Step toward your Dream Home

At Copper Builders, we dream with you - then we make the dream happen.

Visit one of our model homes, or tour our design center. Schedule an appointment to discuss your desired features and review our home plans. From concept to completion, Copper Builders makes it happen. Schedule your visit today.  Just call 704-286-9091 or email Sales@CopperBuilders.com

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