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Hodges is a Charlotte native who lives on the same street where she grew up. But her favorite part about Charlotte is it’s growth! With new people moving to town brings new ideas, style, restaurants, diversity, entertainment, and of course our next generation of homes. Her mission is to convince fun new people in town to fall in love with Charlotte and build their dream home with Copper Builders.

Hodges knows a little about a lot, She is passionate about getting the job done with color and enthusiasm.Hodges spent 10 years working in health insurance only to quit at the height of her career to sail across the pacific ocean. Upon return rather than jump back into the corporate world of insurance she began flipping houses and learned the art of remodeling and furnishing homes on a tight budget. Now a dreamy desire to bring color and joy to living spaces drives her to help clients let go of convention and trend in favor of style and whimsy.

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Cori's sincere and kind nature shines through in all her client interactions. She firmly believes in building relationships based on trust and goes the extra mile to provide the best possible service. By attentively listening to her clients' needs, she ensures that she can offer relevant insights and guidance about Copper's latest offerings and exciting opportunities. With Cori on your side, you can trust that you'll receive personalized attention and exceptional care throughout your building journey.

-Cori Garwood, Sales Counselor

Stefan Nemenz

Outside of work:

Loves the outdoors, hiking, craft beer enthusiast, staying active, live music, and anything aesthetic (latest interior design trends, walking neighborhoods of Charlotte, hiking the blue ridge, or trying out new restaurants).
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