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Build to Rent in the Carolinas

Build-To-Rent Home Construction in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC for Developers & Investors

Developing a successful Build-To-Rent community requires an expert team; from managing the budget, to finishing property construction on time and supporting the sales and leasing teams. It’s even more challenging when residential contractors are difficult to work with. Our solid reputation in the community means Charlotte and Raleigh-area Build-to-Rent developers trust Copper Builders with their Build-To-Rent projects.

Developing a Build-To-Rent Community in Charlotte and Raleigh should be easy…

On Budget

Today’s inflationary environment makes staying on budget more important than ever. Our long-standing relationships with vendors give us leverage to keep prices constant and projects on budget.

On Time

Deadlines are critical to a successful return on investment and strong banking relationships. We understand how important it is to finish a development project on time - we do it every day.

Fair Dealing

We’ve built our business and our reputation on fair, transparent pricing and a fixed management fee. We welcome participation in Joint Ventures, converting our fees to equity in the finished project.


Handing off your project to a builder requires trust and confidence. At Copper Builders, we’re known for following through on our promises - our team won't let you down.

Dedicated Build To Rent Construction Team

Lead by Travis Deckert and Nick Gregware, the Copper Competitive team builds only residential development projects.  Specializing in Build-To-Rent construction in Charlotte and Raleigh has made them experts at combining floor plans and specifications to maximize the long term value of a project.

Services Provided by the Copper Competitive Team:

Mike Orlando

I've worked with Copper Builders for well over half a decade and during that time I always think of them first when I have a new project. Without fail, they exceed my expectations and standards, and frankly I just like working with them.

I've worked with Copper Builders for well over half a decade and during that time I always think of them first when I have a new project. Without fail, they exceed my expectations and standards, and frankly I just like working with them.

-Michael Orlando, TSG Residential

Frequently Asked Questions

At Copper Builders, we care about

Adding Value Without Cost

Copper Builders specializes in projects that look beautiful and command top dollar without additional costs. Our extensive review of plans and specifications will eliminate costly re-work and waste before a hammer is even swung. With proper planning we will make your project better overall.

Accurate Pricing

Build-To-Rent projects live and die by the numbers. We use a Fixed Pricing system, where we agree on the exact price of your project before we build it. We believe in Fixed Pricing because it’s fair, accurate, and it holds us accountable. Our consulting services provide a high-level estimate to help underwrite the project early and give confidence in proceeding forward.

Making Building Easy

We streamline the process with our proactive approach. Our internal processes and systems like CoConstruct provide fast, efficient responses from our team.  Budgets, schedules and selections are organized in our cloud software, making it easy to track your project from anywhere in the world.

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We have built some of Charlotte and Raleigh's most notable projects.

Travis Deckert

President, Copper Competitive

Travis is a seasoned leader in the production home builder industry.  He has worked on large residential projects across the Southeast for over two decades.  Before joining the Copper Builders team, he was in charge of the construction of over 1,000 new Charlotte homes for a national homebuilder. As President of Copper Competitive, Travis leads the team that builds homes and townhomes with an emphasis on providing superior quality and value at lower costs.  A background in college athletics instilled in him a competitive nature and a strong work ethic. A natural leader, Travis sees each challenge as an opportunity to learn, and each new opportunity as an adventure.

Kelsey McKeever

Online Sales Counselor

Hi, I’m Kelsey, and I’m happy to answer your questions about Build-To-Rent development with Copper Builders. I’m available to answer questions about floor plans, design specifications, costs and more. Let me help you get started with planning or pricing. Or, I can set up a quick meeting for you with the team member who’s best equipped to answer all your questions.

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