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Stress-Free Construction: We simply turn Blueprints into Buildings

Mastering Time
Precision In Project Completion

Budgetary Precision
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Effortless Excellence
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Delivering Straightforward and Collaborative Multifamily Construction to the Carolinas

Building a project involves many complexities, from funding to execution. Contractors represent the largest and most crucial expense on a budget summary, but they are often difficult to work with and lack trustworthiness.

The Fallout of Choosing the Wrong General Contractor

  • Financial Losses: Cost overruns and delays can destroy the financials and profit
  • Tenant Discontent: Quality issues lead to negative reviews and high turnover
  • Damaged Reputation: Subpar quality hinders future opportunities
  • Time Lost: Hampers business growth and incurs opportunity costs

They are one of the best contractors I have ever worked with…
on future projects Copper Builders will be my first choice.

They are one of the best contractors I have ever worked with…
on future projects Copper Builders will be my first choice.

-Daniel Jimenez, Principal Delray Ventures

Imagine partnering with a contractor that you can trust

On-time completion:

Finish projects within or ahead of the agreed timeframe, ensuring smooth progress and timely execution.

On-budget delivery:

Complete projects within the allocated budget, avoiding unexpected costs and providing financial peace of mind.

High-quality results:

Exceed expectations with exceptional workmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and superior craftsmanship.

We have built Billions in Successful Projects

Our Team's Notable Past Projects

Mike Orlando

I've worked with Copper Builders for well over half a decade. Without fail, they exceed my expectations, and frankly I just like working with them.

-Michael Orlando, TSG Residential

Multifamily Construction Three-Step Plan

Our Proven Process of Transforming Your Vision into Reality


Consultation and Vision Workshop, we understand your goals, preferences, and budget.


We collaborate to develop design concepts aligned with your budget then we finalize the design, scope, and obtain necessary permits.


Our experienced team coordinates with subcontractors, ensuring quality control, and providing regular progress updates.

The folks at Copper are very responsive and professional to work with. I recommend them highly and see them as one of the most respected builders in the area.

-WJ Bradley

Several of our Past Partners

Things we Value at Copper Builders


We strive to have integrity and honesty in all our interactions. We have earned our tagline “Built on Trust” over the years.

Effective Communication

Clear and prompt communication helps translate client visions into reality through attentive interactions, professional emails, and timely phone responses.


We foster teamwork, uplifting and supporting one another to achieve shared goals and collective success. We believe that when we help you win, we’ll do ok too.

Responsible Stewards

We honor the trust placed in us by being meticulous with resources, managing risk, and ensuring longevity amidst changing market conditions.

Dennale DeFilippo

President, Copper Collaborative

Dennale DeFilippo, a seasoned professional with 15+ years of multifamily operations and development experience, brings expertise in various aspects of the industry, managing over 7,000 units along the East Coast. Inspired by her Division One athlete background, her core value of teamwork shapes Copper Collaborative. With a focus on budget planning and team building, Dennale drives successful project execution while creating an empowering work environment. Outside of work, she enjoys globe-trotting, indulging in culinary experiences, and cherishing time with her family.

Steve Fijalkowski

Vice President, Copper Collaborative

Steve Fijalkowski, an accomplished construction professional with 25+ years of experience, brings expertise in various markets and notable projects to Copper Collaborative. As Vice President, Steve oversees project operations, ensuring excellence, and fostering strong client and partner relationships. His reputation as a trusted leader stems from his ability to manage large-scale projects and deliver high-quality results on time and within budget. Steve’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail drive his success in the construction industry.

Kelsey McKeever

Online Sales Counselor

Hi, I’m Kelsey, and I’m happy to answer your questions about Multifamily Development with Copper Builders. I’m available to answer questions about floor plans, design specifications, costs and more. Let me help you get started with planning or pricing. Or, I can set up a quick meeting for you with the team member who’s best equipped to answer all your questions.

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