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Home Builder in The Carolinas

Copper Builders does more than just build houses. We build dream homes.

We Build Cool Shit Make Building Fun

A house is just a place, but home is a feeling. In the greater Charlotte and Triangle area, we’ve built a reputation for constructing homes in locations that perfectly match our clients’ exact needs. Under our ‘roof’, we never underestimate our role in helping you build the home you’ve always wanted.

Passionate Home Builders

Strong Foundations start with the best materials, and we apply that same philosophy to our foundation — our team. The frame of our ‘house’ is the expertise and undeniable integrity of the craftsmen and women who make up Copper Builders. Together, we build homes that stand the test of time, both aesthetically and structurally.

The Home you've always Wanted

Copper Builders harmonizes an ideal location, thoughtful architecture, and your specific needs and desires to create something more than just the sum of its parts – your home.

Our Story

Wade Miller grew up in Charlotte and dreamed of leaving a lasting impact on his city, a legacy. After college, Wade found himself uninspired building cookie cutter homes while working for a large national builder. That company was driven by profits, metrics, and bottom lines. It was clear to Wade that there was an essential piece missing in the homebuilding puzzle – the people. Realizing he couldn’t create the legacy he envisioned without a change, Wade started Copper Builders.

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Culture is key at Copper Builders. Tim Pratt, President of Copper Builders, now guides decisions on the same founding principles Wade envisioned. Pratt and Miller have known each other and worked together for years; both are now married and raising their families in the Charlotte area.

They care deeply about the reputation of the company; that drives them to do right by their clients and their team. Together they have created a team environment that allows for the human connection with each client. The Copper team is empowered to be hands on and inspired by the company’s mission to build beautiful homes. In return, the team is rewarded by a family centred culture that encourages personal and financial success, transparency and the ability to work with a group of exceptional people who are dedicated to each other’s success.

Since the start, Copper Builders has focused on connection with its clients. We focus on engaging, interacting and learning about who our clients are. The end result is a beautiful, functional and fitting, custom home. It’s been measured, cut, and sewn to be tailored specifically to that client. Given the very nature of giant national builders, this is something they cannot sustainably achieve.

Wade cares deeply about the Charlotte community that inspired him to create Copper Builders. Copper has strong roots in organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Appalachian Service Project, and even the popular TV show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition with Ty Pennington. We have built hundreds of beautiful luxury homes, but by far the most compelling and rewarding aspect is our strong connection to the community. The community we all live, work and play in ourselves. It is humbling that our work will continue to impact and influence Charlotte for decades to come.

Trust, responsible management practices and excellent communication are important to Copper Builders. But, ultimately, what matters most is people.

“The connection between people and community is what sets us apart and drives us to be the best at what we do.”

We believe that where your family lives should be meaningful. The home where your family makes its memories, where your children grow up, where all the important milestones in your life happen, should be in a community that fits your family and your lifestyle. Copper thrives on building beautiful homes and communities. The Copper team will invest the time and effort to make your home a place created especially for your family.

Guiding Principles

Pride in Our Quality

We take pride in everything we do and stand behind our work. If we wouldn’t live in a home, we wouldn’t build it.


Our clients are at the core of Copper Builders, influencing every decision we make. We emphasize exceptional customer-service throughout all of our platforms and touchpoints.

Exceptional People

We are a team of industry leaders with intelligence, energy, passion, emotional sensitivity, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. We refuse to compromise and champion extremely high standards throughout our company, empowering our staff with the authority to make sound decisions that bring joy to our clients.

Authentic Fun

Our brand is anything but uptight. We enjoy having fun and joking around in the office. We are not a stuffy place to work by any means but we are always professional and get the job done. Our mission is to create trust-based relationships with our clients, which means letting our guard down and always being authentic.

Sales & Design

Executive Management Team

Construction Management


Accounting, Finance & Purchasing


Foundational Pillars​

Built on Trust

It’s not just a tag line. Everything we do at Copper Builders is geared towards building solid, long-term relationships with our clients by providing a quality service that they can trust.


While we love a good adventure, we don’t take chances with our assets and we guarantee the utmost care and transparency when it comes to our clients’ money.

Consistent Growth

We hold ourselves to high standards. That’s why we are always challenging our team to learn and grow, ensuring that there is constant evolution within the company.

Keep It Simple

We strive to make the building and design experience as easy as possible for our clients, emphasizing a low-friction, stress- free process at the same time allowing for flexible, custom-made solutions.

Open and Honest Communication

We are invested in nurturing authentic, long-term relationships with our valued clients. That’s why we encourage open dialogue wherever possible, allowing for honest feedback and collaborative experiences.

Core Values


Clear Communication


Passionate Builders

Responsible Stewards

Quality Construction


Fixed Pricing


Fixed Pricing

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