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bronson square townhomes in loso charlotte nc

New Luxury Townhomes in LoSo, Charlotte

The first community of its kind in one of the region’s most talked about new neighborhoods, Bronson Square is bringing luxury townhome living to Charlotte’s trendy LoSo neighborhood. With distinct modern appeal, three levels of expertly-designed living space, high-end finishes, and all the attractions and conveniences of this walkable neighborhood, Bronson Square will be the

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how to construction loans work for custom homes

How Do Construction Loans Work for Custom Home Financing?

Custom Home Financing 101     If you’ve ever thought about building a new home, either on your land or in a planned development, chances are you’ve wondered exactly how you would pay for it, especially if you own an existing home. Managing two full mortgages is not ideal for most people. Luckily, there is

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new vs used home in charlotte

New vs. Used Homes in Charlotte: Which is Right for Me?

Buying a new home in Charlotte, or anywhere for that matter, all comes down the process of weighing pros and cons. Whether you are comparing new to old, two older homes, or two different neighborhoods, it’s helpful to make a list of things you love and things you don’t about each option. While some decisions

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