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2021 New Home Features That Top The List

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When you’re shopping for a new home in Charlotte, convenient features and comfortable design should top the list. Homes today are much more than just places to sleep and eat, and they should be built to adapt to your specific lifestyle. In Charlotte, home buyers are looking for features and layouts that make their lives simpler, more efficient, and more comfortable.


Top New Home Features of 2021


Outdoor Living


Outdoor living spaces are hot commodities right now, and with the heat finally breaking and cool fall temperatures on the way, it’s the perfect time to cook, dine, play, and relax outside. Whether it’s a functional kitchen, built-in entertainment system, cozy fireplace, or fully-stocked bar, there are many ways to enjoy every season outdoors.


Home Office


It goes without saying that, by now, a private, quiet space to use as a home office is a must-have in any new home. Whether we work from home part-time, full-time, sometimes, or just need a place to think or write, a dedicated work space is essential to productivity. 


Broadband Internet Access


Of course, in order to work from home (and do just about anything else, these days), high-speed broadband internet access is critical. No one wants to wait around for the cable company to run lines after they move in (especially if they are working from home!), so this is a top feature buyers are looking for in any newly-built home.


Energy Efficiency


Today’s homeowners want to do their part for the environment without giving up luxury. In a new home that’s built with more sustainable materials and construction methods, and with energy efficient systems and appliances, there’s no need to compromise. In fact, new homes built today are about 30% more energy efficient  than their older resale counterparts.*


copper builders new home front porch


Front Porch


Not only does it add to your outdoor living square footage, a front porch is a great way to engage with your neighbors and community. If you have a large front porch, set up multiple seating areas with comfy pillows and outdoor rugs and it becomes an extension of your living area. And when we want to socialize with friends and family in a safe outdoor setting, a comfortable, spacious, and welcoming front porch is perfect.


Ceiling Fans


They’ll cool a room off in the summer and help to warm it in the winter, while saving on energy consumption. This magic we speak of is the ceiling fan, and not only do they regulate the temperature of a room, there are models to fit any design theme and budget.


Double Sink


It may seem like a small thing, but double sinks in the kitchen are a big deal. Not only do you have more places to put the dishes until you get around to washing them (no judgement), they make working in the kitchen much more efficient. Use one side for rinsing plates and the other to prep vegetables. And if two people happen to be cooking at the same time, arguments are much less likely when there are two sides to every sink. 


Walk-In Pantry


Whether you have a large family or you just tend to buy in bulk, a walk-in pantry is  a convenient feature that keeps your kitchen organized and clutter-free. Store large quantities of non-perishable goods, pots and pans that don’t get much use, and any number of other kitchen items — out of sight but not out of mind. 

All of these must-have features and more are standard in every Copper Builders home. For more information on our new homes built on your land in Charlotte, call or text 704-389-5259 or schedule an appointment today.

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