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Most Popular Outdoor Living Designs of 2021

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Outdoor living spaces are hot right now, and it’s not just because of the Charlotte heat! Private outdoor spaces have been at the top of homebuyers’ priority list for years, and the pandemic only heightened the desire for ones that are just as private, luxe, and comfortable as their interior counterparts. Glamorous outdoor design is one trend we’re holding onto for the foreseeable future!


Builder recently published the article, 8 Outdoor Living Features Homeowners Crave in 2021, and we’re so proud to say that Copper Builders has been creating inspired outdoor spaces like these for years. Below are a few of the features the article highlighted, and some looks from our very own custom homes to spark your imagination!


How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen


When you live somewhere as beautiful as Charlotte, outdoor kitchens are a must when you’re building a custom home so that you can take full advantage of all four seasons. With a grill, counter space, seating, prep sink, and even a fridge, both large gatherings and cozy dinners will have you (and your guests) feeling like you live on a faraway resort. When designing your custom outdoor kitchen, you’ll likely use stone for the countertops because it is durable and weather resistant, but cabinets can be ordered in a variety of materials that fit your aesthetic —  including stainless steel, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), or even teak. Once you get used to cooking and dining outdoors, it may be hard to go back to traditional indoor spaces.


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Built-In Entertainment


When you own a custom home, you want the freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want. Whether you feel like watching the big game while cooking out, or you want outdoor movie night to be as simple as possible (no projector!), you can opt for a mounted flat screen TV and even surround sound in your outdoor space. Never choose between being fully connected or relaxing outdoors again.


Outdoor Bar


As long as you have an outdoor kitchen and built-in entertainment, why not incorporate an outdoor bar? All you need is some additional counter space and bar-height seating and we promise it’ll be better than any watering hole. Warning: your backyard may be so popular with friends, family, and neighbors that you have to hang a “Sorry, We’re Closed” sign!


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How to Design Your Outdoor Fireplace


There’s no denying the beauty of North Carolina in the fall, and there’s nothing cozier than curling up around a crackling fire to enjoy it. If that’s something you love, then build it right into your backyard. Whether it’s a fully built-out, brick-surround fireplace with mantle, a built-in fire pit, or simply enough free space to accomodate a portable fire pit and lots of seating, an outdoor fire feature is a special way to soak up cool weather vibes in the space you love best.


Protection from the Elements


Even though you’re creating a fantastic space to enjoy the weather, there’s no reason to let the elements rain on your parade. With gabled roof construction your patio or deck can offer solid protection from harsh sun, rain, wind, and even occasional snow. Who said you can’t have the best of all worlds?


Ample Seating


If you’re going to invest in a custom outdoor living space, it has to be large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone. That means having multiple seating areas — like a separate dining space and a conversation space — or one large dining table where everyone can share a meal together. When you’re working with your Online Sales Counselor to measure out your space, be sure to take into account how many people you plan to entertain on a regular basis.


Blending the Indoors and Outdoors


The most creative use of outdoor space offers a near-seamless transition from indoors to out. Large sliding doors and expansive windows offer uninterrupted views from the interior of the home to the outside. Give your space the thought it deserves so that you can live just as comfortably  and stylishly outside as you do inside. 

When it’s time to create your own outdoor living space, don’t feel limited by convention. When you build a custom new home in Charlotte, you truly can design a home — and outdoor space — that takes life to the next level.


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