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3 Most Popular New Home Styles in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is a southern city, of course, but due to its tremendous growth in the last decade, it has attracted residents from all over the country and world, lending the Queen City a fast-moving, cosmopolitan flair. This juxtaposition of southern and modern is what defines Charlotte’s beautiful new home architecture, and what inspired us to share the most popular styles with you. Here are what new custom home buyers are asking for in Charlotte!


Modern Farmhouse Designs


Cozy yet sophisticated, rustic in some ways and polished in others, the modern farmhouse is the perfect blend of country and city that’s uber popular right now with interior designers and families. A modern farmhouse features wide open spaces, neutral color palettes, natural elements like wood and metal, and decorative wood details like shiplap and beadboard. 

Kacee Wood Neal, Copper Builders’ Design Manager, gives five tips below for getting started with modern farmhouse design:



For more modern farmhouse inspiration, see Copper Builders’ Kinston floor plan.


Contemporary Craftsman Homes


You may be able to spot traditional Craftsman-style homes with their wide porches, thick support columns, low-pitched roofs, and exposed beams. Contemporary craftsman is a new take on this timeless style that weaves in sleeker lines and up-to-date floor plans that fit modern lifestyles. The kitchen tends to be centrally located in the open floor plan, and bedrooms are tucked away for privacy. These homes still incorporate lots of natural materials, like wood and stone, to lend a warm, cozy feeling. 


For contemporary craftsman ideas, see our Chelsea floor plan.




While you may not think of Charlotte first when it comes to Tudor-inspired architecture, there are modern Tudors here that stand apart in the best ways. Modern Tudors still have the recognizable steeply pitched roofs, front-facing gables, and stone facades, but the lines are sleeker, the look is lighter, and the details are less ornate. The entries for these unique homes often have dramatic, 2-story foyers, and the interiors are open and spacious enough to compete with the most modern of homes. 


For Tudor-inspired home ideas, see our Granville floor plan.


When you build a custom home in Charlotte, you can create any layout you wish. It always helps, though, to have some inspiration on hand to start the design process. 

For more information on these home styles or any of Copper Builders’ customizable floor plans, or to see them for yourself in the greater Charlotte area, contact us at 704-389-5269 or schedule a personal appointment. We can’t wait to build your dream home!

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