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4 Ways Copper Builders Can Help You Find the Perfect Lot

When shopping for a new home, most homeowners are focused on the floor plan and square footage of the home itself.

But an important part of the process when building a new home in Charlotte is also choosing the right homesite. What a wonderful bonus to choosing a new home – being able to choose the lot style, size, and location as well!


New Home Lots in Charlotte, NC


If you already have your own lot, you have a head start on the process to build your ideal new home. To make the construction of your new home a smooth and safe endeavor, Copper Builders can assist with some of the necessary tasks related to building on your homesite, such as surveying, soil testing, buffers, mitigating flood plains, foundation size and cost, as well as permitting.

We’re your reliable expert in land preparation for the purpose of new home construction. Our process ensures your home is designed and crafted to enhance the best features of your lot and provide you with the home you’ve envisioned.

If you don’t already have a site selected, we’re here to guide you through the steps of selecting the perfect spot to meet all the items on your wish list. Here are some ways we can help you find the perfect homesite for your brand-new home.

Selecting a New Home Community in Charlotte


Where do you want to live? We’ll help you find a community that meets all your needs, such as walkability, access to schools, greenspace, efficient work commute, and commercial zones with grocery and medical facilities.

When you’re considering any specific community and the lots available within, we’ll also help you understand the topography (the structure of the land) to know whether a specific homesite will have added costs for architectural requirements such as retaining walls. Rolling hills and waterways can be beautiful scenery, but they can also impose restrictions on the type or size of home you can build on the land. Sites near water will also need to be assessed for flood risk.


Evaluating a Homesite


Do you prefer to be close to planned commercial amenities or tucked deeper into the community? Are you aware of potential major roads planned nearby? What about power lines or industrial zoning? These are just a few of the things we mention when we evaluate homesites for our clients.

In addition, the homesite you’re considering may also have covenants and/or easements applied. An easement permits an entity to use the land for a specific purpose, such as a utility provider laying a power line near or on your lot. A covenant is a private agreement between the landowner and the buyer, which can dictate any number of rules for the property’s use.

We’ll help you understand all these potential restrictions and future development plans so that you’re confident the site you choose for your new home will be ideal for today and for the future.

We filmed a 4 part mini series showing how we evaluate a homesite for a client when Stefan and his family were looking to build their dream home. Check out the videos on our website.

“Off Market” Lot Availability


Frequently, the most desirable homesites are sold “off-market,” meaning they’re not released for sale to the general public. These lots are often premium locations, or ideal sizes where the owner knows they will sell quickly. As a large custom builder who purchases land regularly, we often get calls or hear about these opportunities first.

When we hear of an off-market opportunity, we make our potential homeowners aware through our Homesite Review Newsletter. Working with us, you’ll have the advantage of learning about these ideal homesites before they’re sold to someone else. We’ll be able to match any available off-market sites to your specific list of needs, helping you find exactly the right location for your new home.

Sign up for our off market lot opportunities at HomesiteReview.


Ensuring the Lot You Purchase Is the Best One for Your New Home


Along with these more specific tasks related to selecting and purchasing a site, we work diligently to review the topography, utilities, cost of permits, and size restrictions. Our transparent process keeps you informed and educated so that you feel confident you are selecting the perfect homesite.

We created a checklist to help you organize all the considerations and costs of selecting a homesite. Download the guide and checklist from our Homesite Review webpage.

Once you select your site, we help you structure your offer to purchase so you have time to complete the appropriate due diligence. After the lot is purchased, we do all the work to prepare the land for construction, and we work with you to design a home that works specifically with the land.

Our priority as your new home builder in Charlotte is to navigate all parts of the construction process for and with you. Whether you have an existing lot you’ve already purchased, or you need help and guidance to purchase the right lot for you, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find and buy the perfect piece of land.

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